Can You Lose with The Apple Diet

Apples are rich in dietary fiber, which prolongs the feeling of satiety after a meal, stimulates digestion and bowel function, and is also helpful in removing toxins from the body. Therefore, the apple diet allows you to quickly lose weight and improve intestinal peristalsis. This diet comes in two forms: a rigorous one, in which it is required to eat only apples for 3 days, and a less strict form, during which apples are only an addition to meals. Learn the principles of the apple diet and the opinions of nutritionists.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with The Apple Diet

What is The Apple Diet?

The apple diet belongs to slimming diets, the basic ingredient of which are apples. Fruit should be eaten raw and unpeeled, due to the fact that most of the most valuable components of an apple are located just under its skin – half of vitamin C, almost all of the valuable antioxidants and most of the dietary fiber.

Thanks to the contained vitamin C and quercetin, belonging to the group of antioxidants, apples neutralize bacteria and viruses, as well as free radicals responsible for the development of many diseases and aging of the body. Quercetin also strengthens the body’s immunity and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Apple Juice Good for Detoxing

Some also claim that the apple diet, like other vegetable diets or juice detoxes, is designed to cleanse our body of toxins, but this is not scientifically confirmed. Detox in the human body takes place every day and we do not need special diets for this.

The detoxification functions in our body are performed by the liver and kidneys. These two organs are responsible for cleansing our body and blood from harmful metabolic products. The apple diet can only support the function of the liver and kidneys, helping them to get rid of toxins.

How to Eat Apple for Weight Loss

The apple diet comes in two varieties: a restrictive one-ingredient diet and a low-calorie diet that considers different groups of products. The first variation of this diet can last up to 3 days and consists of eating only apples for every meal throughout the day – be it breakfast or dinner. The number of apples consumed during the day should not exceed 2 kg.

When deciding on this diet, do not forget to drink at least 2 litters of fluids. Mainly it should be non-carbonated mineral water, herbal teas are also allowed. This variant of the diet excludes the use of other products, so you should prepare for it properly.

Benefits of Eating Apple

First of all, you should consult a doctor in order to detect possible contraindications, because this diet is intended only for adults who are not struggling with various types of gastrointestinal diseases. The goal of the three-day apple diet is to improve the work of the digestive tract by stimulating the work of the intestines.

Remember that the one-ingredient apple diet is an unbalanced diet, therefore it can last no longer than 3 days. Otherwise, there is a high risk of weakness, dizziness or fainting.

The second variant of this diet is slightly less restrictive, the menu, apart from apples, can be enriched with other products that will bring additional nutrients to the meals. It is important, however, that the calorific value of meals during the day does not exceed 1000 kcal. Due to the fact that this form of the apple diet also does not provide all the necessary nutrients, it should be used for a maximum of 5 days.

Optimally 3-4 days before starting the apple diet, you should reduce the portions of meals, limit salt intake, give up sweets, meats, alcohol, coffee and strong black tea. Meals should be rich in vegetables and fruits as well as wholegrain cereal products.

Can You Lose Weight on an Apple Diet

Dietary fiber plays an important role in the slimming process, mainly the soluble fraction, which prolongs the feeling of satiety after a meal. The soluble fraction of dietary fiber includes: pectin’s, which are a good source of raw, unpeeled apples. In addition, fiber improves the work of the digestive system, stimulates digestion and intestinal function, contributing to their cleansing.

Three days apple diet

The apple diet, due to its low caloric content and high content of dietary fiber, is conducive to slimming. A three-day apple diet allows you to get rid of about 2 kg, while the five-day variant allows you to lose weight up to 5 kg. At the same time, it should be remembered that the slimming effect depends on, among others, from baseline weight, age and level of physical activity.

To maintain the effect of the apple diet, after its completion, you should gradually return to normal nutrition, increasing the portions of meals eaten. In the first days, our diet should be easily digestible, based only on cooked and not fried foods. Too quick return to previous eating habits could end up burdening the digestive tract and the yo-yo effect.

What is The Apple Diet Plan?

The three-day apple diet is a one-component diet, the menu is based only on apples. The only modification we can make is the form of the apples we eat. They can be eaten fresh, baked, in the form of mousse, mashed or diced salad or drunk in the form of fresh apple juice. In addition to apples, let’s not forget about water and herbal teas.

Second Version of The Apple Diet

The second version of the apple diet gives you more scope. Below is an example menu not exceeding 1000 kcal: Breakfast: apple porridge with cinnamon (apple – 1 piece, oatmeal – 2 tablespoons, drinking milk 1.5% fat – 1/2 cup, sunflower seeds – 1 teaspoon, cinnamon – pinch). 2nd breakfast: Natural yoghurt 1.5% fat. – 1 small cup (150g).

Lunch: Brown rice – ½ bag, steamed chicken breast – 70g, carrot salad – 1 piece and apple salad – 2 pieces. Dinner: Apple, sandwich with soft-boiled egg and tomato (whole meal rye bread – 1 slice, chicken egg – 1 piece, tomato – 1 piece)

What Diet Do Nutritionists Recommend?

The apple diet, like other miracle diets, is an unbalanced and unbalanced diet. Using it for a long time can result in weakness of the body, dizziness, deficiencies of basic nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which in turn can lead to anemia.

Slimming is a long-term process, where the basis is an energy deficit, i.e. a state in which our body receives less energy than it needs and, as a consequence, is forced to use its own reserves. The energy deficit in diets of 1000 kcal is too high, hardly anyone manages to achieve a lasting effect with it.

People on this type of diet are not able to maintain such a high caloric regime and after a few days they throw on food, making up for the lost kilograms. There is no recipe for a quick and effective way to lose weight. The slimming process, above all, requires time, patience and constant motivation from loved ones.

Miracle diets can only discourage you from changing your eating habits, because when you use them, you are constantly tired, lethargic, and have mood swings. With all these irrational ways to lose weight, misconceptions about the word diet are getting into our heads.

Conclusion of Apple Diet

To sum up, if we really want to try the apple diet, let’s choose a low-calorie version, lasting a maximum of 5 days, where we can eat other products in addition to apples. Remember that this diet is worth using if you feel heavy and want to improve the work of the digestive tract.

It is not good for losing weight because it brings good results, but only for a short time. We can enjoy a slim figure for a long time while maintaining good health and well-being only by modifying the patient’s incorrect eating habits. Only a healthy, wholesome diet, prepared individually for a given person, considering the energy deficit, guarantees long-term success.


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